i’m really here for weird black girls like please be as weird as you please and wear your weird shit and listen to weird music and like weird things because that’s really awesome, go you.

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I was gone for a long time

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If you don’t ship samcedes at least a little bit after that candle scene you have no soul

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But they’re so in love with each other and want everything to be perfect for one and other and is so ready to make changes just so the other person could be happy. I’m feeling so emotional, their relationship story line is so perfect and overwhelming.

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Lets have a dystopian future movie where none of the actors are white

Not a single one

No reason

No explanation

There’s just no white people and not a single character questions it

Watch how quickly people notice and get pissed off

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"paramore was pulled off tour for a week when hayley was 16 because her mom grounded her" is the funniest thing i’ve ever heard

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nothing can hurt you when you genuinely love rick astleys never gonna give you up

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frozen came out 20 years ago 
just let that sink in

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did anyone else have trouble waterbending last night?

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the original “Muhfuckas never loved us…”


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